Chinese Metaphysics - simplified, modern, application

Time To Figure It All Out ​

We demystify with structure & clarity to understand this ancient art at Windsli.

Let's elevate our appreciation of this wisdom and life.



A glimpse into the future puts you in the pro-active state


Know the life path ahead to plan & maximize your potential


Harness & work with the environmental energies

What The Customers Say


A change of job during this pandemic is unnerving; a reading confirmed some of my thoughts to give clarity of choice. Thank you very much!

Singaporean Female, 41, Married


The free sharing webinar during the closed Facebook group is rich, detailed and well explained. I can't wait to see the new course contents that are in the making

Singaporean Male, 39, 1 child

Case Studies & Sharing

Chinese Metaphysics is about experiencing life with mindfulness.

Look to life experiences to appreciate how this art & science plays out in our daily lives. Here, we share case studies from our consultations and practices with Windsli friends and clients. With permission, of course.

Part 1 – Heavenly Stem Love Story

Part 1 – Heavenly Stem Love Story

Discover the Love-Hate Relationships in One's Bazi Heavenly Stems ...more

January 22, 20232 min read